Outdoor Japanese Red Maple Fake Autumn Tree

Artificial maple tree is a kind of tree that can not be bored with, and is deeply loved by people. In modern design,artificial tree is one of designers' favorite elements to add to their designs.Why not add one or more high quality imitation maple trees to your indoor or outdoor space, which will bring you beauty and pleasure all year round.
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Maple trees are becoming more and more popular as interior and exterior landscape decoration.Many customers like use it for big shopping mall,window display,restaurant,central garden,wedding,school,etc.

Like our Outdoor Japanese Red Maple Fake Autumn Tree, it is made with the latest technology. The Tree trunk is still made of fiberglass with the highest cost performance. The internal steel structure supports it so that it can be used all year round without deformation.The crown section adopts plastic pipe and steel pipe, which is a farewell to the traditional wood branch. This bold and innovative technology has been highly recognized by many new and regular customers.Viewed from a distance or up close, you will be shocked by its lifelike appearance.This is also the essence of HAC artificial tree, which not only provides the characteristics of free maintenance and free watering but also provides the guarantee of the ornamental value, due to it just like a natural maple tree.Everyone will admire its beauty.

This fake autumn tree is 300cm high by 350cm width.We break it up into many pieces before we pack it.Each branch and trunk will be marked,so it is easy to assemble and take down.In addition to this red maple tree,we still offer many kinds of fake trees for your projects.Just contact us with your special requirements now!

Product name

Outdoor Japanese Red Maple Fake Autumn Tree


Silk leaves,fiberglass trunk,plastic with steel pipe branch,metal plate


300cm high by 350cm width,other size can be customized




Wooden case



Oversea Market

America,Australia,Europe,Middle East,South America,etc.

Place of Origin



1 piece

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