Handmade Pink Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

Our decorative elements can either enhance the current design or create an "amazing" element for the interior or exterior landscape. Whether a project wants a natural, realistic look or a whimsical fantasy, our mock-up cherry trees will meet any internal or external design needs to enhance hotels, theme parks, restaurants, movie sets and more.
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Artificial cherry blossom trees are a great way to combine the beauty and symbolism of cherry trees in your home or business.They capture the essence of cherry blossom but avoid the disadvantages of natural cherry blossom.Whatever your design needs, we have all the popular styles and sizes available.Our regular decorative artificial blossom trees can be used for many applications such as weddings, events, offices, corridors, home decor, restaurants, bars or any place that requires artificial.It's even in the movies.Living cherry trees have inevitable limitations, such as requiring a proper growing environment, and the flowering period is only half a month at most, and they are not suitable for indoor growth. Our Handmade Pink Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree perfectly avoids the disadvantages of real trees and brings a brand new decoration to the indoor space.And our replica cherry trees are handmade to meet your exact specifications, which may include height, leaf spread, leaf density, flowering color, and more small details.

Product name

Handmade Pink Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree



Trunk:fiberglass with steel structure

Bottom:iron plate for fixing




Indoor&outdoor landscape


Can be customized from 250cm to 500cm


Wooden case


Perfect for decoration at bar,real estate,wedding,mall,office,party,event,exhibition,shop,garden,etc.

Oversea Market


Place of origin


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