Artificial Silk Wedding Arrangement

Three unique roses are in the middle
The flower art is arranged in different shapes
Angel wings on both sides
All kinds of exquisite design
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Artificial Silk Greenery Arrangement

Product name

Artificial Silk Wedding Arrangement


silk fabric+plastic


250 cm tall,300 cm width


Wooden case


More than 10 years for indoor


Simulation flower art can be used for decoration of hotel, restaurant, wedding site, shopping mall, etc.

Oversea Market

America,Australia,Europe,Middle East,South America,etc.


1 piece

This kind of flower art is mainly composed of bright angel wings and three roses. Angel wings mean pure and flawless. The color of flower group is mainly pink and white, with some lace and white feathers, the whole flower art is clean and neat. It is suitable for being placed at the wedding site, adding a touch of romance and softness to the scene. It can also make guests feel the sweetness of the new couple.

The transportation of simulated flower art is very convenient, and the transportation weight will be relatively light. When you need to change the design of flower art, you can rearrange the collocation mode and change the different scene atmosphere. At the same time, the simulated flower art is also suitable for families to beautify the home environment, build various exhibition atmosphere, and can survive for a long time.

Artificial Silk Wedding Arrangement

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