Artificial Grass Panels

Each panel is 100*100 cm per piece,1 piece equals 1 square meter
Dense plants, not exposed, high coverage
Clear texture,no smell,soft touch,no burrs,realistic looking
Multiple plant assemblage,strong sense of hierarchy
Suitable for indoor and outdoor landscape
Special treatment for fire and UV protection
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Product Details

All of our artificial grass panels are made of new imported plastic, and the styles are rich and varied, including the panel of a single plant, and the mat composed of a variety of plants, such as this artificial foliage wall, each panel size is 100*100cm. A mixture of plants makes it more layered and makes it look like a real vertical grass wall. Dense plants completely obscure the panel and give the customer a better experience. The panel is designed with a bold plastic mesh frame to make it more load-bearing. The buckle is an inverted triangle so that the two panels will not fall off easily when fastened. Outdoor grass walls are widely used for many places like garden, hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, airport, park, office, living room and so on. We will add uv protection materials if for outdoor use. So you don't have to worry about grass walls fading in 3-5 years.

Product name

Artificial Grass Panels




100*100 cm




More than 10 years for indoor, 3-5 years for outdoor


Artificial Grass Panels are perfect for decoration at hotel,restaurant,theme park,garden,airport,cafe,club,bar,village,amusement,etc.

Oversea Market

America,Australia,Europe,Middle East,South America,etc.


10 square meters




Artificial Grass Panels is multiple plant assemblage,strong sense of hierarchy,strong ornamental. 

And it is high imitation,clear texture, no smell,soft touch,no burrs,realistic looking.

Detail of fake plant wall

Strong net frame, each panel is made of new PE frame, so HAC grass wall is strong flexibility, strong bearing.

Lush plants, each grass panel is full of dense plants, not exposed, high coverage, so when you hang it on your wall, you won't see any gaps behind the plants.

Detail of fake plant wall

Durable: HAC grass wall has bright color, keep the fresh color for more than 10 years for indoors,3-5 years for outdoors.

Firm bottom hole: the buckle is an inverted triangle shape, it won't fall off easily after being fastened.

Detail of fake plant wall

Application of artificial green wall

Artificial green wall has a wide application. It is a wonderful setting for interior and exterior areas such as coffee shop,washroom,TV backdrop,restaurant,market,staircase. It can cover objects of different shapes because of its soft touch.

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