Custom Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop Wedding Decoration

Custom Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop Wedding Decoration is perfect for any wedding or event.Full of gorgeous fake foliage and flowers.Unique design brings unique beauty and adds eternal beauty to your interior space.It is suitable for luxurious weddings and interior decoration.
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If you are looking for a unique and unparalleled b wall, you will be shocked to see this floral wall.This Artificial Flower Wall is composed of a mixture of various plants. Through careful selection and collocation, we designed this Flower Wall Backdrop with a strong sense of three-dimensional.The back of panel is supported by layers of iron frame, and each plant is firmly attached to the iron frame, so you don't have to worry about the plants falling off.It looks gorgeous that everyone will feel it is amazing.So why not bring it to your hotel,restaurant,beauty shop,wedding,event?

Custom Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop is easy to create a memorable wedding or event.No matter what commercial area you use it in, it will attract customers quickly.Because people can't refuse beautiful things.Handmade wedding flower wall is easy to assemble.All you need is some hooks or nails.In addition to being used for wall decoration, it is also a good choice as a suspended ceiling.

In order to maintain a longer period of beauty, we recommend wiping them with a wet towel for 2-3 months and rinsing them with water if possible, but not with detergent, which can easily cause them to fade.

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Custom Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop Wedding Decoration






Carton/bubble film




Perfect for decoration at office,market,event,window display,wedding,party,festival,home,hotel,coffee,villa,etc.

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