A Variety Of Artificial Coconut Trees

- Jun 05, 2019-

In real life, people can design and decorate the simulated trees at will according to the actual environment, avoiding the restriction of natural factors such as climate, illumination, moisture and so on. The special aesthetic effect brought by decoration, greening, landscape arrangement and other aspects is also accepted and loved by more people.

The simulated coconut tree is a kind of simulated plant product designed and produced by engineers to simulate the natural form of coconut tree and adopt highly simulated environmental protection materials to make up for the limitation that coconut tree can only be seen in the tropical low-altitude areas in the south.

There are many kinds of palm trees: Roystonea Regia palm tree, bottle coconut tree, silver date palm tree, Washington date palm tree ,fan palm tree,fern palm tree and so on.

In recent years, with the higher requirements of the industry from all walks of life, HAC artificial tree factory is also continuously exploring to meet the needs of different customers with our achievements.For example, some users need to customize products with uv protection, wind resistance, pressure resistance and fire resistance in specific environments. We can meet different needs.