About In The Office Area - Choose Real Green Plants Or Fake Green Plants?

- Apr 16, 2020-

Most of the time, green plants provide a finishing touch for the decoration scheme. Whether it's in the office area or some large-scale enterprises, such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, bars and other entertainment places, adding some small potted plants or some small trees in such places will be more eye-catching and popular. This proves that green plants are a good mood booster and can also improve attention. However, not all areas are suitable for the ability to provide daily care for fresh plants, and there are too many factors affected, such as time and place of human and material resources. So, even in terms of benefits, the simulated green plants will be more suitable for placement in the office area.



One of the important reasons for choosing simulation green plants is that simulation green plants reduce the burden that people need to care for them. Simulation of green plants only needs to ensure regular dust removal and cleaning, no need for additional fertilizer and watering and other behaviors. Modern people are very busy in their daily work, which saves them time and can be preserved for a long time.

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Another important reason for simulating green plants is that they can be preserved for a long time and last longer than fresh plants. In other words, for companies that need a strict budget, simulation of green plants is also a good investment. With the passage of time, the fresh green plants will no doubt start to lose their leaves and colors, and finally need to change a batch of new ones. However, the simulation of green plants can last for several years, which saves a lot of expenses for a long time.


One of the benefits of adding simulated green plants is that you can create the world you want. HAC has a variety of simulation green plants, and the design appearance is unique. It can also make corresponding scene design according to the surrounding environment, choose which more suitable simulation green plants, and make the company closer to the natural atmosphere. Let employees have motivation to improve overall productivity.