Why are fiberglass rockery becoming more and more popular

- Apr 04, 2019-

 Wherever we go, fiberglass rockery seems to be everywhere, such as sales center, shopping mall, restaurant, park, water park and so on .

artificial fountain

 Why are artificial fountain so popular?Now let HAC manufacturer tell you about the plastic stone rockery production process and the meaning of it.Fiberglass rockery also known as plastic stone rockery or resin rockery, It is the lightest of all the plastic stone rockery.It has the advantages of light weight, high imitation and short construction period.


 Moreover, it is more suitable for the place with low requirement of foundation bearing surface,such as roof garden, etc.Because portable and easy to install, can be used repeatedly, for the current exhibition exhibition is also very applicable.


Due to the light weight of fiberglass rockery, which is one thirtieth of the original stone, texture is exactly the same as original stonerich and varied colors. So this kind of artificial fountain is widely used in sales center, shopping mall, hotel, park, water park and other landscaping.