Artificial Banyan Tree Case

- Jun 25, 2019-

Foshan Nanhai Shijingyi Museum, as a landmark building of culture and art in foshan, pays particular attention to its decorative style and aesthetic coordination of overall functions.

The large banyan tree and series of sculptures we designed and produced are "wonderful works of technology" to display the history and culture of Lingnan, fully displaying the retro atmosphere of nature and art.

ficus tree

Walk among them, feel the south China sea change of 5,000 years.Set off by the lifelike banyan tree, there are crafts scroll, neolithic age, farming civilization sculpture corridor, street wax figure, west woodcutter mountain sand table, south China sea customs and so on...It is because our design and construction team has profound artistic attainments and experience accumulation that HAC can depict and reproduce historical customs so vividly.

Large banyan tree

We can according to the actual environment of the special simulation design and decoration of the banyan tree, also can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, such as leaves, flowers and color, tree height, diameter, crown breadth, material, etc., to avoid the real tree by climate, light, water and other natural factors, from direct saving manpower management on maintenance cost, and durable.