artificial coconut tree making process

- Nov 12, 2018-

Coconut trees are believed to be familiar to everyone. The main growth is in South China, with fruit coconut fruit. It is a common fruit in the tropics. The adaptation environment of coconut trees is limited and produced in the tropics. Due to the environmental conditions that greatly limit the landscape constraints of the plant, the design engineers' superb technology combined with natural natural plants mimicked this landscape tree - the artificial coconut tree.

The artificial coconut tree is also known as fake coconut tree, artificial coconut tree, and bionic coconut tree. The artificial coconut tree is a artificial plant product designed by engineers based on the natural shape of the coconut tree and designed with high simulation and high environmental protection materials. It can make up for the limitations that coconut trees can only be seen in the tropical low-altitude areas of South China.

The biggest advantage of the artificial coconut tree compared with the real coconut tree is that it is less affected by the environment, long life can be used for a long time, and the maintenance is simple and easy to care. The branches and leaves of the artificial coconut tree will not wither and mold, and will not rot or pour. Water does not breed mosquitoes and flies. Compared with natural ecological coconut trees, artificial coconut trees are better placed and cured. Moreover, the price of artificial coconut trees is not high, the materials are of high quality, and some are still lower than the real flowers, convenient transportation, easy to carry and easy to install.

The production of coconut trees Firstly, the coconut tree preparation materials are prepared and prepared, and then the raw materials are formulated and mixed according to the raw material formula used in the surface layer materials, and various three-dimensional patterns are formed on the prepared coconut tree mold to allow natural penetration. Fully mixed and solidified, our Shengjie simulation plant is prepared according to the raw material formula used in the reinforcement layer. According to the requirements of the artificial coconut tree, a three-dimensional reinforcement layer with different thickness is prepared. The thickness is controlled by the number of glass fiber layers. The fiber brush is made of a standard material.

The artificial coconut tree rod is made of glass steel resin. It is also made of high-performance epoxy resin and glass fiber. The inside of the tree pole adopts the national standard galvanized steel structure, and the leaves are made of high-performance flame retardant and environmentally friendly materials such as environmental protection plastic or pe. Good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature and flame retardant, more environmentally friendly, UV resistant.