Artificial Date Palm Tree Manufacturer

- Nov 12, 2019-

   Artificial date palm tree, evergreen trees, single-stem height 6-15 meters, dry cylindrical, the base of the old petiole wrapped trunk, rather strange.Pinnate compound leaves dense, 5-6 m long, pinnate, bright green leaves.

artificial date palm tree

  Fake date palm tree was originally grown in Canary island on the west coast of Africa. Around the western Han dynasty, date palm tree was introduced to China by merchants along the "silk road". Now, it is widely planted in tropical and subtropical areas, and is very suitable for coastal areas.The tree trunk with strong, tall and majestic, dense and spreading feather leaves, forming a dense feather crown, for the beautiful tropical scenery trees, very suitable for street decoration, especially in the seaside avenue planting, the landscape is especially magnificent, can also be planted in green ground.

date palm tree

  Artificial silk palm tree is a large artificial plant designed and made by technicians by imitating the form of real palm tree and using high simulation materials.In the domestic simulation palm tree used for decoration landscape is particularly large amount every year, the same annual export is also quite large, especially in the scenic area landscape use is the most, at present, it has become a new highlight of scenic spot decoration.

date palm tree

  Outdoor imitation date palm tree rod is made of internal international steel structure with high imitation of plastic tree skin, with high imitation degree, clear bark texture and real touch feeling.The leaves are made of ABS plastic or PU and other high performance flame retardant and environmental protection materials, with good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, uv protection, wind resistance and snow pressure resistance.