Artificial Flowers - Add More Light And Color To Your Life

- Jul 13, 2019-

What we see is not only "fake", but something higher than that is called "simulation"."Simulation" literally means simulating real plant growth.HAC bring you to appreciate the simulation of different colors and fragrance of flowers.

1. Level of artificial flower

An imitation flower of the first grade, usually with a silk base.Simple shape, single color.


But a higher level of artificial flowers, according to the real petals of the color, there is a gradient, a smudge, not only one color.Some petals have curly edges, dew, or rose thorns.However, these are all made by hand, so the price will be relatively expensive.


2. HAC has over 300 different flower types

There are a lot of simulated flower types in our sample room, all kinds of flowers of different sizes and colors, natural and realistic.


Please see the decorative effect of HAC artificial silk flowers, they are widely used, there are bars, cafes.Exhibitions, offices, weddings, etc.