Artificial palm tree manufacturer

- Oct 23, 2019-

    Coconut trees are known to grow in the tropics, subtropics and under high temperatures, rain, sunshine and salty sandy soil.This plant would not survived if it had been grown in the north,It is more limited because of cold and dry weather.So use our artificial coconut tree, which has a huge advantage over the real coconut tree in nature.The artificial palm tree can be installed anywhere we want.The tree trunk is made of steel frame+PU+ fiberglass, while the coconut leaf is made of waterproof cloth + iron wire + square pipe +PE material, which is more conducive to our products to withstand the weather and sun all year round, so as to avoid deformation and color fading.

artificial palm tree manufacturer

     No matter where the imitation palm tree is placed, it is a beautiful scenery line. For example, the picture below is taken at the Canton fair today. These are the new models of our factory, attracting a large number of customers to come for inquiry and negotiation.