Artificial Tree Gate

- Sep 02, 2019-

The image of a scenic area is the first place that tourists touch the scenic area.A good scenic gate, except its own functions, there are incalculable potential role, it can expand the influence of the scenic area, help the scenic area to achieve unexpected publicity needs;A prominent gate will bring huge traffic to the scenic area.


What are the advantages of the simulation tree gate?

1. Artificial tree gate can withstand high temperature, anti - uv.

2. One investment can be used for life,save cost.

3. Can change collocation, adapt to different atmosphere and environment, such as the artificial cherry blossom in spring, artificial peach branches, artificial maple leaves in autumn, artificial banyan leaves in summer, etc.

4. Reliable quality, long service life

The internal structure adopts national standard steel pipe structure., withstand wind, oxidation, uv protection, not easy to deformation

5.The size of artificial tree gate is according to the requirements of customers, size and height are not limited.