Artificial Turf is Widely Used

- Mar 11, 2019-

When you pay attention to the green lawns around you, you will find that most of them are artificial turf, including football field, golf course, school playground, kindergarten activity area, etc. Why is artificial turf so popular?Let's take a look at its features and advantages.

Artificial turf 2

All-weather availability


Artificial Turf Product is free from the limitation of weather and geography.It has long service life and can ba used in extreme climate areas,such as cold areas at high altitude,high temperature areas,and highlands.

Artificial turf


Artificial Turf Product is developed and manufactured based on the bionics.It has good simulation,and can provide a comfortable and safe environment for players.Furthermore,the foot feeling and the ball’s rebound speed of Artificial Turf Product are similar to those of natural grass.

Instakkation and Maintenance


Artificial Turf Product has low demands towards groundwork.It can be installed on asphalt floor and cement floor a short period.It features easy maintenance,durability and good water permeability,and is particularly suitable for the stadiums of schools which are in highly frequency use.


     Artificial Turf Product is available in various colors.It is non-fading and durable,and can ba used to decorate stadiums,leisure courtyards,roof gardens and more.Besides,filled with silver quartz sand,the turf is very clean.People can sit on it.
artificial turf 3Physicochemical Properties

   After hundreds of thousands of wear tests,Artificial Turf Product only loses 2-3% of its fibre weight.Having good water permeability.Artificial Turf Product can drain water off within 20 minutes after a heavy rain.Besides, the turf is non-fading,and has good elasticity,flexibility,anti-aging,and wear resistance.

turf detail


Artificial Turf Product can effectively protect the muscle,ligament,and joint of players.It can reduce impact and friction force of players when they fall down.Besides,Artificial Turf Product is environmental friendly and sound-absorbing.It can be effectively recycled and has no harmful content.