Can Russia Grow Coconut Trees?

- Jul 01, 2019-

Artificial coconut palm tree is a landscape tree growing in the tropics, the trunk is vertical or curved, leaf umbrella shape, the average tree height of more than 3 meters, coconut water sweet and thirst.On the beach, their tall bodies turn the whole beach into a beautiful landscape, very pleasing.

As the coconut tree is a tropical light crops, in high temperature, rain, sunshine and wind blowing conditions under the growth and development of good.It is rarely seen in the north, especially in Russia, which belongs to the subarctic climate.

coconut palm tree2

For example, in countries like Russia, even if the conditions for planting coconut trees are not available, the simulated coconut trees can make it full of another flavor.It can meet the requirements of different environments, suitable for the four seasons for viewing.And raw material is import environmental protection material, stability is good, service life is long, have the effect that bears aging bears high temperature, still can resist corrode at the same time, fight snow and wind, no matter install indoor or outdoor, need not worry.In particular, they do not need to water, fertilize, do not worry about plant wilt, anti-moth moisture-proof, strong durability, for the future to save a lot of costs.