Cute Artificial Succulent Warms Up Your Environment

- Sep 04, 2019-

Artificial succulents are not only the star of horticulture in recent years, but also the rising star of home decoration.

Artificial succulents have 3 “cuteness”.

First, "cuteness" in its appearance.

Unlike common plants, succulents are covered in flesh, with green slices that are both leaves and fleshy leaves that form "flowers."

Such as Alocasia, stone lotus, with its lethal appearance adorable sentient beings.

Secondly, "cuteness" in its name.

Thirdly "cuteness" lies in the designer's skillful match.Different plastic succulents are made into a platter, which forms a unique small world on unusual "flower ware" such as round glass fish tank, retro books and old leather cases, and sublimates the adorable index again.

If you just want to hog the beauty of succulents and keep the good side of healing pets alive, you really need to love them...