Decorate Swimming Pool With Artificial Coconut Tree

- Apr 12, 2019-

Artificial coconut palm tree is a tropical light-loving plant that grows well only in conditions of high temperature, rainy, plenty of sunshine and wind blowing from the sea.The annual average temperature is required to be above 24-25℃, with small temperature difference and no frost all year round, so that the coconut tree can blossom and bear fruit normally.

Artificial palm tree

For example, in some high-latitude countries such as Europe, North America, Russia and Australia, it is cold all year round and the temperature difference is large, so coconut trees cannot be planted outdoors.

coconut palm tree

But now with the improvement of people's living standard, hotels and swimming pools are embracing coconut trees to create a tropical and exotic landscape.So it’s very common that fake coconut trees are the new green for swimming pools, whether in hotel or private house.

coconut tree

 What are the benefits of decorating with imitation coconut trees?Firstly,it must be to create a sense of beauty, because it conforms to people's aesthetics and creates a tropical atmosphere;Secondly,artificial coconut trees are not limited by the geographical environment, and can be used outdoors to withstand high temperature and low temperature, wind and snow.So since you have HAC simulation coconut trees, whether your country is cold or full of rain and snow, we do not have to worry anymore.