Do You Think The Peach Trees You See Represent Spring?

- Sep 10, 2019-

Do you think the peach trees you see represent spring?

Many TV have all kinds of flower tree, but not necessarily shooting in the spring, a lot of the time due to the production cost and the actor's schedule problem, if you want to make a scene with spring colour, but it is often difficult to choose in the spring, so generally photography company would use simulation peach tree or the cherry trees.

For the photography company, how to choose the artificial plastic tree factory is very important.First of all, they need to consider the cost. The production of a movie or TV series, the remuneration of actors, costumes, makeup, props, venues and so on all need some cost.Therefore, the price of the fake tree should not be too high, so it is very important to choose a responsible factory who thinks about the problems from the customer's perspective.The other thing is the fidelity and the effect,Because the visual effect presented will directly affect the quality of TV series or movies, so whether the whole tree is harmonious, whether the texture is clear, the quality of the materials used is good, whether it can be customized according to the needs and other factors will directly affect the effect of the finished products, so it is very important to choose a large-scale factory with strength.