Fake Wall Or A Real Wall?

- Dec 09, 2019-

   Modern decor has become increasingly natural.With the near year's amazing growth rate of artificial green wall orders, we can see the urgent need for a green environment.

delicate faux grass wall

   Fake grass wall panels can be used for decoration in many places.Such as exhibition hall, window display, backdrop, restaurant, exterior wall decoration and so on, can be the small-scale decoration, also be the large-scale display.In addition, artificial grass panels can also be used for ceiling decoration, to create a green and natural atmosphere for the interior space.

artificial grass wall

  There are various types of artificial grass walls in HAC. The common specifications are 50*50cm per piece and 100*100cm per piece. A variety of colors can be chosen, in addition to the common green, there are yellow grass wall, purple grass wall, blue, pink and so on.You can choose a single mat or a variety of combinations to use, each of which has unexpected effects.


Custom Design Outdoor Vertical Artificial Green Grass

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