Guiyang Artificial Rockery Project

- Jun 20, 2019-

    In ancient times, fountain and water were the soul of Chinese garden art.In modern times, rockery has always been a feature of Chinese landscape gardens.

In Guiyang, which has the reputation of "summer capital of China", landscapes and gardens can be found everywhere.The Guiyang rockery project undertaken by HAC company, according to local conditions, coordination of the environment, and the district and other garden buildings, plants and garden road combined into a rich variety of scenery, increase the natural interest, so that the rockery and the environment into one, set off.

    We selection of good materials, and design more detailed drawings.With artistic vision, ingenuity, integration of the local landscape and aesthetic taste, make rockery more style and more design characteristics.During the construction period, quality issues are strictly controlled to ensure safety and create unique landscape projects for the park.

   We can build many types of park rockery, also can customize the natural view rockery and office building, ladder mouth and other small rockery, we use different special methods, based on the natural mountain, realistic texture, unique shape, win a good reputation.The company will unswervingly pursue the concept of artistic innovation and technological innovation, treat each project seriously, strive for survival by quality, strive for development by integrity, and strive to make every work perfect.