HAC Artificial Tree——Wind and Snow Resistance

- Mar 05, 2019-

Spring has coming, but in some high latitude countries it is still wet and snowy.Under the influence of such weather, many big trees outside were broken off by wind and snow, which brought huge workload to urban maintainers.But artificial tree is different. It's not affected by bad weather. That's the most powerful use of artificial trees.


Believe that the friends who live in the north are very clear that the simulation tree can resist wind and snow.Due to the geographical factors, the northern winter can hardly see the green plants.But since the advent of artificial trees, winter in the north has become less monotonous.

artificial coconut tree

Real trees can be destroyed by wind and broken by snow. Why not fake trees?Because fake tree is made of fiberglass, which is hard, resistant to high and low temperatures, and has steel structure support inside.So it can be used at ease as long as it is not extreme weather.