How can the artificial flowers be classified?

- Nov 12, 2018-

On the balcony, on the dining table, on the coffee table, etc., we can often see the existence of artificial flowers. In addition to the home, the most common artificial flowering place is used as a decoration for some shops and for weddings. There are many kinds of artificial flowers, how can they be classified?

The first type is to classify high and low mid-range prices from price. The quality of the simulated flowers at different price points is also different.

Second, the materials are classified as environmentally friendly and not environmentally friendly. Some are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are not too irritating, and some artificial flowers are of good quality and very realistic.

The third one may be based on the style of the pattern! European style, art, etc.

The fourth type is geographically divided, for example, the place of production, such as import and export from abroad, production in the Mainland, and so on.

Some plastic flowers are very pungent and have a long-lasting smell, while others are safe and secure! It does not hurt the body, but also beautiful and generous to bring a good mood! Artificial flowers, if used for home decoration, it is recommended to choose good quality.