How Can There Be No Artificial Green Sculpture On Major Festivals?

- Aug 23, 2019-

Artificial green sculpture is the generic terms of animal sculpture, plant sculpture, landscape sculpture, mainly USES for the landscape display, best choice for park landscape, tourist attraction, road junction landscape, square, garden landscape, square afforestation, the city landscape and so on, and can become a beautiful scenery line.


Artificial green sculpture works peculiar beautiful modeling, expression techniques bold and interesting and full of meaning, the effect that show comes out from colour and modelling for each respect to be no worse than real green plant.It's very popular in the market, and it's getting hot.


Mainly because of its outstanding advantages:

1. In terms of cost: the cost is lower than that of real green sculpture, no need for regular maintenance, watering, care and other work, saving more manpower, material resources and financial resources.

2. In terms of environment: it can be placed indoors or outdoors without being affected by natural factors such as illumination, climate and region.It can be placed either in the north or the south.

3. In terms of service life: the service life is longer, and the service life can be up to more than 10 years without damage.