How Is Artificial Green Wall Installed On The Wall?

- Nov 09, 2019-

How is the artificial green wall installed on the wall?

A lot of people decorate the courtyard of oneself home or interior and free wall ministry with green plant wall now, use artificial plant wall to be able to beautify whole space, this artificial product can be applied at the place such as home, guesthouse, hotel extensively.The following is to introduce the method of wall installation.

First step,cut and install iron mesh according to the size of the wall.

Beat the fake greenery wall with the cut iron mesh

Punch holes in the corresponding wall with a hammer

Insert the expansion screw and hammer it in

Cover the nut with a wrench and fasten the steel mesh to the wall



Secondly,Fix the cut size of simulated plant wall onto the corresponding wall.According to the area of metope, join together the same direction of plant wall.


With the help of scaffolding, it can be fixed to the wall from high down.