How Long Can Artificial Column Covering Tree Be Used?

- Nov 20, 2019-

What is artificial column covering ficus tree?

  The wrapped pillar fake ficus tree just like its name, which means a real pillar or water pipe is surrounded in the tree.When many large buildings are decorated, they often encounter a thorny problem, that is they have too many columns.It will seriously affect aesthetics.Or there are some old pillars or water pipes seriously affecting the office environment, so it is particularly important to decorate it with artificial greenery trees.

Large banyan tree

Where is the silk banyan tree suitable for use?

  Since it is a column covering banyan tree, it is more common for indoor use.Such as some hotel lobby, office, waiting room, hotel, shopping center and so on.It's not just about fixing ugly columns.For example, if you want to create a lounge, you want to be surrounded by a green environment, and put some tables, chairs and sofas under the tree for customers to rest, don't you think it is very comfortable?It is exactly same in offices and other places. People can feel the pleasure of working while sitting under a tree close to nature. Therefore, Faux fig tree is also the favorite of CEO in many companies.

column covering ficus tree

banyan tree

How long does the artificial banyan tree last?

  HAC tree trunk is made of fiberglass,it can be used for indoors more than 10 years.It is no problem for indoor use even 15-20 years if there are no human factors.A lot of decoration items are consumable fragile goods, but choose HAC artificial banyan tree can save you a lot of money.