How To Choose A Suitable Simulated Floral Decoration Stage At The Wedding?

- Apr 08, 2020-

In a wedding, the wedding stage is the most striking highlight in a wedding. This is a place where a couple can only appear on the stage for most of their stay. This special area attracted all the attention and showed the wedding photos of the new couple. Therefore, this stage should be activated in a wonderful and energetic way to make the wedding day of the couple different.


The beauty required by this stage can leave an impression of your wedding in the guest's mind, so pay great attention to this aspect. Most wedding stage decorations need some simple and atmospheric artificial flower art, the plasticity of flowers is not strong, artificial flower art can design a special image due to material problems and strong plasticity, which can make your wedding complete.


Here, HAC can recommend you several types of artificial flowers with higher usage frequency:

Silk peony flower 


The simulated peony is an indispensable part of the wedding.

Faux hydrangea flower  

Hydrangea flowers with unique shapes are especially popular and suitable for making flower rows and background walls.

Fake butterfly orchid   

As if little butterflies came from the woods to bless the new couple.

Silk magnolia flower

The classical atmosphere shows the elegant atmosphere of the scene.

Artificial cherry blossom  

There are many colors to choose from, and the pink cherry blossoms make people feel sweet and beautiful atmosphere.

There are too many choices in the design used for wedding stage decoration, and the choice of simulated floral art is especially important and needs to attract everyone's attention. Different varieties of flower arrangement can be combined according to the theme setting, and some unique stage designs can be applied, so that the viewers will be speechless with their beauty.