How to clean different artificial flowers?

- Nov 12, 2018-

First. Artificial flowers placed at random

That is, the flower bar cloth is fixed on the dry flower mud, so that it can be placed at will, and the flower is preferably cleaned. After the flower is taken out from the vase, the faucet can be rinsed and rinsed, or it can be placed. Wash in the basin, remember not to put detergent, because some washing powder is corrosive, such flowers are also easy to fade, the dust on the flowers, gently brush it, clean flowers are not You can expose to the sun and drain the water. To prevent the colors from getting along, just wash the flowers of different colors separately.

Second, the suit shape floral

The set of flowers is inserted in the flower mud. If you unplug it and wash it, then the original shape may change after drying. At this time, as long as the whole set is moved under the faucet, you can punch it. Later, tilt the pot again and let the water drain inside.

Third, European flowers, sequins, yarn cleaning

Generally, the flowers of the fabric can be washed with water, but some flowers are made of yarn, and some have sequins on it. It may not be easy to clean, so it is best to use a feather duster to lick it. This interval should not be too long. If the time is not cleaned, the dust will accumulate too much, and it will not be cleaned at that time.

The above is the artificial flower cleaning technique of different flowers. Home is our harbor. For soft clothes, we need to use some flowers to embellish it, to cultivate a sentiment, to make the rhythm of life slower, not to live only for life, but also to live well while living.