How To Install Artificial Palm Trees

- Mar 08, 2019-

Artificial palm tree is one of the common simulation trees in daily life, which is mainly used for indoor and outdoor landscaping.Many people like to use it as indoor and outdoor landscape because of its tall and spectacular appearance.However, there are some difficulties in installation.Come on, let's learn how to install palm trees.

Before installation, the construction can only be carried out after the installation location of the simulated palm tree, the height of the simulated palm tree and the size and depth of the installation are confirmed.

1.To dig a hole,the size of the hole was determined by the height and size of palm trees(different venues different installation)

2.After digging the pit, pour cement into the pit and fix the cage

3.Then set up the artificial palm tree

4.After it is set up, fix the base of the tree with expansion screws and fix the iron plate of the tree

5.Then install the leaf and insert the corresponding letter number into the stem hole with the same letter code.

6.Artificial palm tree has good plasticity,The leaves are flexible and can be adjusted as needed

7.The last step is to cover the iron around the bottom of the simulated palm tree with small plants according to their own environmental needs, so that the tree looks more natural.

The installation process of a simulation tree is about the above mentioned points.In the process of installation, we should pay attention to steps and pay attention to safety.