How To Manage Artificial Tree In Daily Life?

- Jul 13, 2019-


At present, the application of simulation tree is more and more widely in life, whether it is indoor decoration, outdoor decoration, shopping mall, company reception, theme park and other places can be seen everywhere.Enough to prove consumers' love for artificial trees as today's daily decorations.So the question comes, the simulation tree in the process of putting decoration, usually need us to maintain?

palm tree4

As the simulation tree is exposed in the air for a long time, dust and impurities in the air will inevitably accumulate on the surface of the simulation tree. Therefore, the simulation tree also needs to be taken care of.

If the tree decoration in the outdoor, the usual dust intake will be relatively large, then we need to clean every one to two months.If the simulation tree volume is relatively large, then you can use water to wash directly, convenient and fast, and will not have any damage to the simulation tree.If the simulation tree decoration in the interior, then do up relatively easy a lot, only need three or four months to clean it once, only need to use a wet cloth gently wipe artificial tree can be extremely convenient.