Introduction Of Rockery Coconut Tree In Shanghai World Expo Mall

- Jun 21, 2019-

    Shanghai world expo mall rockery coconut tree project is one of our most proud masterpieces, take the simulation plant, the simulation coconut tree, the imitation rockery strange stone and so on as the element, has described the splendid tropical rain forest amorous feelings for us, rich connotation, color matching, the scene is magnificent, full of classical romantic characteristics.

Big palm tree for decoration

   Every day to the mall, many friends will stand in front of the towering coconut trees and take photos with them.Surrounding the rockeries and the mall entrance, the coconut trees are a unique symbol of the mall's popularity.


   Rockery simulation coconut trees to create a very unique environment to enjoy, just like in the bustling city suddenly went to the original valley between the tropical rain forest, the overall layout is full of emotional appeal, the whole environment sent out the taste to relax and enjoy the feeling of slow life.Therefore, the charm of business has entered people's subconscious and remained forever.