Is There Anything More Beautiful In The Springtime Than A Cherry Blossom Tree

- Nov 14, 2019-

  Is there anything more beautiful in the springtime than a Cherry Blossom Tree? Native to China, this beauty has a breathtaking effect on a landscape. Our real life rendition of the Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree is stunning and will bring a sense of joy and renewal to any commercial space. The fake Cherry Blossom Tree will wow you and your customers in our beautiful shades of Cherry in a format that showcases the blossoms to for all to enjoy. You can almost smell springtime! Consider the Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree to add seasonal color or a splash of pink‚Ķanytime!!


   Artificial Cherry Blossom tree is a custom flowering tree variety from HAC company, the leading producer of artificial tree decor in the industry. Made with a natural wood stem or fiberglass trunk and durable white, pink or yellow flowers, the Cherry Blossom tree is a natural replica of the real version found naturally in China. Other flowering trees include the artificial corner Cherry tree and artificial Flowering Dogwood tree. In addition to the picture version, the Cherry Blossom can be custom crafted up to 10m. Add this tree to your project list or contact us for custom options and pricing.