Little Artificial Wisteria Flowers Create Romance And Warmth

- Jun 29, 2019-

  Wisteria is native to China and Korea. It is a kind of beautiful and practical plant.Wisteria was symbolized as love, a symbol of romantic love.Wisteria flower language is: intoxicating love, supple yearning.

Wisteria tree

  Many people especially like wisteria flowers, but because their shelf life is short, easy to wilt, but artificial wisteria can last a long time.The imitation wisteria flower has become a kind of fashionable daily articles around the world, whether it is commercial space, opening ceremony, hotel restaurant, wedding reception, or office, home , there are imitation wisteria flower figure.

  Our simulated wisteria flowers are made of high-grade silk cloth, which is thick and smooth with clear texture.Customers like it because it looks realistic and durable