Protecting The Environment Is Everyone's Responsibility: About The New Life Of The Bird's Nest On The Artificial Tree

- Apr 25, 2020-

A few days ago, there was a bird in and out of our HAC product display room. Every time we flew in, we would always carry some twigs and sawdust in our mouth. Following the bird's steps, our vision shifted from the ground to a artificial tree, and a complete and warm bird nest appeared, in which there were a few birds' eggs lying quietly. Every day, the mother bird goes back and forth to find a suitable and safe place for the children to be born and grow up healthily until the wings are full. We plan to label the bird's nest and protect it until the babies grow up. In fact, this is a very small thing, but why is the reason behind it?


Don't birds yearn for the vast sky outside? Is there no towering tree outside? With the development of modern industrial technology, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, air quality is decreasing, and even lead to the frequent occurrence of haze in many areas, some areas want to see the blue sky in the daytime has become a wish. Naturally, bird mothers don't want their children to be born in such an environment. Otherwise, why venture into many human worlds and build nests in simulation trees?

However, the society is also trying to change these fundamental problems, starting from the infrastructure, reducing the original energy consumption, reducing the high cost of operation, enhancing public security, creating a variety of measures such as waste classification, and solving one after another complex challenges.

HAC recommends several simple and environmentally friendly practices:

water saving

domestic garbage


Reject disposable

love animals

Reduce high carbon travel


Every year, April 22 is "World Earth Day", a macro mass environmental protection movement all over the world. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. From this minute and this second today, let's all take action to make our earth better.