Show You Around Our Office

- Jun 21, 2019-

The fast pace of life makes us more and more eager to get close to and integrate into nature.Introducing natural plants into interior space has become a popular practice in offices. Green plants play an important role in design.The office is the place that pays attention to work efficiency most, do not have time to take care of a plant, this makes simulation plant emerge at the right moment, simulation plant has been used as a new kind of decoration material on the big stage of indoor and outdoor decoration.

In the 20 years of development of the artificial green plant industry, HAC's first impression of office design and decoration is that it reflects leisure and gas quality, and directly affects people's visual, tactile and psychological feelings, giving people a different aesthetic feeling.

The first is to enter the gate, directly see a towering coconut forest beside the pool, including king coconut tree, date palm tree, silver date palm tree, Washingtonia palm tree, etc., These coconut palms are novel, unique and lifelike in shape, which immediately makes people feel like they are in the Maldives.It's also one of our main products.

Artificial palm tree

Then is the stairwell, is the rockery pool and karst cave type decoration, decorate the company 20 years development journey wall introduction, fashion and do not break the mystery.The whole office area with artificial large landscape tree, simulation cherry tree, maple tree, wisteria tree, grass wall, rockery, sculpture and other components, as the most straightforward decoration language, reflect the space value, give space personality and quiet, Let the person in it full of positive life and work pursuit.At the same time, our office is full of a sense of times and efficiency, meeting our use needs and giving visitors a good feeling and impression.