Take You To Experience The Moving Landscape

- Jun 19, 2019-

For those who like to travel independently, tourists tend to have different hobbies. Some like to seek more freedom and excitement, while others value the intoxicating scenery.

 Coconut tree

Here is one of our cases from Europe,it was invited by a local developer to create a Maldivian beach, on a small island surrounded by water on three sides.The project fully demonstrates the concept of ecological habitat.HAC Team pay attention to the aesthetic art and practicality into the construction environment in the design and construction process, on the basis of creating a perfect landscape to ensure durable and longer service life.Therefore, the material of coconut tree used by our company is different. We use steel structure to run through the inside of the tree stem, and steel plate and explosion screw are added firmly at the bottom, which can resist typhoon of grade 8 or above.When shaping the natural landscape of coconut trees lying on the water surface, it shows the extraordinary design and construction ability of HAC team, and it is difficult for traditional peers to make such landscape art.


Coconut forest simulation, like a moving landscape, can be planted in both the north and the south. When you stay in a busy city for a long time, it is the carrier of human beings to get close to nature and romance, but also the extreme of the close experience between human and nature, bringing you into a return to nature and advocating plain living environment.