The Amazing Creativity Of The Artificial Green Wall

- Dec 27, 2019-

   The advantages of artificial plant wall in real life are more and more obvious and they have been widely used in garden engineering.You may know something about the simulation factory in our lives and think it is nothing more than a simple piece of plastic.In fact, in life, the commonly used simulation plant products are made of a variety of materials, and the art level is very high.With high hardness, anti - aging, waterproof and other characteristics.

artififial green wall for indoor decoration

  The effect that the stylist of different level makes is different.Because of the various forms, vivid and distinctive features, the works are loved by many people.Artificial grass wall decoration scene is also more extensive, such as tourist attractions, commercial squares, ecological parks, theme hotels, villa gardens, etc.

  Fake grass wall panels are not only beautiful, but also have good practicability.They can be used in marketing at exhibitions, in window displays or to decorate showrooms. They can also work as offices screens, dividers, stand alone clusters, even as wedding backdrop etc.Because it can be customized for different scenarios, such as matching with a wide variety of plants and silk flowers make it many possibilities.

fake grass wall with flowers for wedding backdrop decoration