The Application of Artificial Green Plants At Workplace

- Mar 13, 2019-

Nowadays, our living environment is full of the smell of steel and cement.The reduction of the green area of the environment.It affects our normal life.Due to the influence of many factors, real plants cannot be widely planted, resulting in the lack of green environment in our life.The existence of artificial plants solves this problem.

artificial vine

Advantages of artificial plants: it breaks the geographical limitations and is not affected by the environment.High degree of imitation.No need to take care of, long service life.Cost-effective.Easy to handle, not easy to damage.

People in the 21st century enjoy the convenience brought by high technology, but also bear the pressure of high consumption, so they have to work hard to get better living conditions. But do you feel like you're about to be overwhelmed by the stress of your environment when you're stressed out and working in an inanimate office?




A smart boss doesn't want to see his employees suffer in this environment, so HAC artificial products come in handy.

This is a plastic company, usually the staff contact is some of the raw materials and machinery to make plastic and some of the data without any emotional color.So the boss finally selected HAC to be responsible for the project of love after many comparison in order to let the staff feel the vitality and fun after work.The biggest reason is that we have a strong design engineering team.

artificial vine decoraion

For this project, our design concept was that the gate of the company represented the place of a company image, so some artificial green plants and rockery were used as landscape decoration at the gate.Also can let the visiting customer feel the company's vitality.Then is the company canteen, where the staff have a chat over dinner.,So a good diet environment can not only make employees relax from the current work pressure, but also enable them to enjoy the pleasure brought by delicious food.So HAC team decided use artificial vine to decorate the ceiling.Eating in such an environment, I think everyone has a good appetite.In addition, the top of the company balcony was designed with transparent glass at the beginning.Finally, HAC design team decided to cover the glass with artificial grass wall to protect people's skin from ultraviolet ray.It not only provides sun protection and insulation, but also adds a beautiful view to the office building.

artificial grass wall

Talks a lot in this issueBecause I am also an office worker.This is also the working environment in my mind , what do you think of?