The Origin Of The Christmas Tree

- Sep 21, 2019-

  It is said that a long time ago, there was a kind farmer, in a snow and wind on Christmas Eve to save a poor child suffering from hunger and cold, let him eat a sumptuous Christmas dinner.

When the boy left, he broke off a pine branch and stuck it in the ground with his blessing.

After the boy left, the farmer found that the branch had become a small tree, which was hung with gifts. Then he realized that he had received an angel of god.


 The Christmas tree first appeared at Christmas, first seen in Germany, and then spread to Europe and the United States, as an indispensable Christmas decoration.The Christmas tree is always decorated with ornaments and gifts, which actually have their meaning behind:

 The prototype of the Christmas tree is Holly.Because of its triangular shape, the tree was first used as a symbol of the trinity by 16th century believers.And because it does not die in winter, it symbolizes everlasting life;

 The star on the top of the Christmas tree, symbolizing the star of Bethlehem, reveals the location of the birth of Jesus and guides the magi of the east to find Jesus.Symbolizing the salvation of Jesus, the glory of Christ, the eternal hope of mankind.