The Pine Tree, Unlike Other Trees, Is The Tree That Never Give Up

- Jul 15, 2019-

The most popular mountain for foreigners in China is the Yellow Mountain,People are exhausted after one climb, but they want to climb ten more times.There are many reasons for this, but the most impressive is definitely the Guest-Greeting Pine.It is a landmark of the Yellow Mountain and one of the symbols of Anhui province, from the iron painting "Guest-Greeting Pine" in the Great Hall of the People to the station pier.The Guest-Greeting Pine tree has become a symbol of peace and friendship between China and the world.


In fact, the pine tree canopy is not luxuriant, branches are very sparse.The pine tree is by no means the most beautiful by the usual standards of beauty, and certainly not the best.However, his simplicity, simplicity, firmness, vigor, and verdure prove him to be the man of the trees.Pine trees are not afraid of the force of snow, it is not difficult to remind us of the strong people;Pine material is good, it is not difficult to remind us that he is a pillar of the country;Pine material is good, it is not difficult to remind us that he is a pillar of the countryThe pine trees are simple and straight, but it is not difficult to remind us of soldiers.We can also think of the soldiers who fought for our country from generation to generation, guarding its borders.

Artificial pine tree

Because the pine tree symbolizes strong and unyielding, not afraid of difficulties down the spirit, it is lonely, honest, simple, not afraid of cold.Evergreen, is a real strong, so by many people's love.However, due to limited planting conditions and other factors, many people will put one tree or more artificial pine trees at home, office, hotel and other places, which can not only make our living environment evergreen, but also give people positive energy.