The Prospect Of Artificial Turf

- Jun 04, 2019-

 The Chelsea captain slipped during a penalty shoot-out at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow in 2008 due to improper maintenance of natural grass.Natural lawn is too slippery, so artificial lawn is not replaced by natural lawn.Therefore, sports artificial turf is very suitable for the use of high frequency of small and medium-sized sports ground or training ground.

Our HAC artificial turf is divided into sports artificial lawn and recreational artificial lawn.Sports artificial turf is suitable for golf, golf and other places;Recreational artificial lawn is the most standard set for landscape greening.

Artificial turf has no harm to the environment and air, and has many excellent characteristics, without manual care and pruning. Many modern cities use artificial grass wall in construction site enclosure, laying artificial turf, indicating the popularization trend of artificial turf.

Now the city beautification, purification function is constantly improving, the garden landscape and places suitable for people to relax like to decorate green plants, so that people suddenly have a sense of satisfaction, leisure, vitality, comfort. So there is no limit to the potential of artificial plants in the simulation industry.