The Secret Of Building Rockery Waterscape Is All In Here

- Aug 07, 2019-

Garden landscape design of rockery mainly consists of natural rockery and artificial rockery (plastic rockery stone).Natural rockery stone is mainly through natural stone to assemble rockery.Rockery stone mainly has the following kinds: Lingbi stone, Moire stone, Qianceng stone, Taihu lake stone, chrismatite stone, Yingshi stone, Appeared stone and so on.Among them, Yingshi stone and chrismatite stone are relatively popular styles.


If using natural rockery stone to build rockery, stone selection is very important.From the color, texture, surface shape of similar stones, stone size collocation should be reasonable and uniform.This avoids the discordant effect of too much difference.Build rockery, to ensure stability, to ensure the balance of rockery stress, can avoid the weight of excessive weight caused by unilateral collapse injured passers-by.In the soft soil to build rockery to consider reinforcement, prevent the stone slide.

Mr. Liang song directs at the construction site



Rockery build should be reliable concrete foundation, so that the main body and foundation connection firm, reinforced concrete main structure, should be designed by professional structural designers, should reserve and steel mesh connection embedded parts.

Plastic stone rockery is to imitate the natural rockery stone, eventually achieve the purpose of imitation.HAC rockery plastic stone technology is a breakthrough in the traditional way of landscape, it with steel reinforcement, Angle steel and other materials support, shape with anticorrosive steel mesh and high standard cement mold, the surface using color fortifier, quartz sand, colorant, protectant and other polymer materials protection coloring.Therefore, its more than 10 years will not appear fading, cracking and other phenomena, and its cost is low, fast construction, modeling can be customized according to the site requirements.

Before making artificial plastic rockery stone model, remember to communicate with the designer.No matter on the ground or water in the plastic stone rockery must require balance and stability, plastic stone production should be buried in the sand or a small part of the water, give people the feeling of growing out of the soil or water, give people a comfortable, natural feeling.