The Secret Of Plant Walls Uv Protection

- Jan 08, 2020-

  Artificial plant panels can be seen in theme parks, real estate projects and even mountain slope protection projects.Compared with the stable indoor environment, the outdoor environment is relatively harsh. Withstand wind and rain and strong sunshine for more than ten hours every day, and great temperature difference between day and night in some areas. This is undoubtedly a severe test for the artificial plants.

When we walk on the street, do you notice these kind of situations?

Faded ferns are as colourless as dead grass;The bright flowers have faded to white;,the green sculpture faded seriously, the color has serious distortion after a long period of ultraviolet radiation;the leaves have become brittle, and then through the wind and rain has been broken off after the sun exposure;Under the influence of low temperature in winter, it is easy to become hard and brittle, lose flexibility and break easily;the brittle roots are easy to broke and fell after the storm...

common fake grass panels

  In fact, this is due to some poor faux greenery wall does not have uv resistance.Ultraviolet refers to the electromagnetic spectrum of wavelengths from 10nm-400nm radiation.Plastic and other materials used in the production of outdoor artificial green walls produce an automatic oxidation reaction under the action of ultraviolet rays,it leads to degradation of the polymer, resulting in deterioration of the appearance and mechanical properties.

 How is HAC artificial foliage wall to achieve many years in the case of heavy wind and rain not deformation, in the case of strong sunlight do not fade?HAC selects the new imported polymer PE material, which is already leading in the source of the material,Adds antioxidant and uv resistant materials in the production process.Uv resistance is more durable than that of unadded conventional products.HAC green walls are tested by professional testing institutions, the quality is trustworthy.

Faux green wall cases made by HAC

 HAC products have experienced the baptism of time, still stand in the sun with the most beautiful side to meet your visit, because of the existence of artificial grass wall decorations, our lives become more colorful.