The Thinking Cherry Tree

- Jun 13, 2019-

A friends full of mood, with lover to enjoy cherry blossom,Unfortunately, the sakura blossom period is very short, and when they arrive, the sakura have long withered, searching, can not find a decent sakura, we have to say it is a pity.

cherry tree

Is there any way to keep the cherry blossoms in spring?

Yes, HAC company specializes in making simulation trees for 20 years, through processing and shaping the cherry tree, it can be opened for a lifetime.

   Because it is a "thinking" artificial cherry tree!

sakura tree

It thinks about people's needs at any time and anywhere. It is composed of special materials. It is resistant to cold, wind and heat.It can also be moth proof, fire prevention and corrosion prevention, convenient care, labor free, cost saving, which is also considered for people.


In addition, our new technology, new products and traditional practices of the industry pay more attention to details and services to win, so our simulation cherry is more and more favored by the market and people's pursuit.