Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Event Flowers

- Oct 10, 2019-

  Wedding flowers symbolize purity, true love and eternity. Every couple of brides and grooms will spend a long time preparing before their wedding. Due to the variety of artificial flowers, many people don't know how to choose a romantic and perfect wedding for themselves.After 21 years of experience and summary of our simulation products, we list the top 10 most popular wedding flowers.

1 Artificial rose

No flower can rival the rose, which seems to have become a necessary variety for weddings.In Greek mythology, the rose symbolizes beauty and love. The rose embodies love and beauty. It is not only the incarnation of beauty, but also the blood of the god of love.

artificial rose

2 Artificial tulip

Fake tulips are a delicate and sweet choice for weddings. Tulips are a symbol of happiness. There are many colors of flowers, which can create an amazing effect according to the needs.

artificial tulip

3 Calla Lily

It symbolizes elegance and delicacy, and the horn-shaped shape of the calla lily is like a woman's dream curve, so its unique style is popular with brides.

Calla Lily

4 Artificial Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a popular ornamental plant and is available in white, green, pink and blue.Hydrangea is used to make delicate bridal bouquets.The combination of hydrangea and other flowers is also wonderful.It symbolizes hope and happiness.

artificial hydrangea

5 Artificial orchids

Orchids symbolize warmth and confidence.


6 Artificial peony

Peonies symbolize nobleness and completeness. There are many colors to choose from.

artificial peony

7 Artificial Daisy

The sweet innocence of daisies is the perfect choice for a spring or summer garden wedding.You can choose simple white Daisy bouquets or bold colors for bouquets, brooches, centerpieces and other wedding decorations.Daisies are often used as fillers for secondary or more expensive bouquets.The shape and size of daisies will provide a good complement to the texture of the flower arrangement.

artificial daisy

8 Artificial gardenia

The evergreen gardenia is famous for its pleasant fragrance.It is a popular wedding flower, symbolizing happiness and purity.

artificial gardenia

9 Artificial Ranunculus


10 Artificial Stephanotis