What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Grass Wall

- Jun 18, 2019-

Artificial grass wall is a wall arranged with highly simulated plants. The similarity between simulated plants and real plants is utilized to achieve the effect similar to the wall of real plants or the effect that cannot be achieved by real ones, so as to meet people's pursuit of natural effects.

1. According to different environmental requirements, we design wall shapes with different shapes, high and low levels, and harmonious environment. After careful design, we can completely achieve the effect of mixing the fake with the real.

2. The simulated plant wall needs no maintenance, and the effect is lasting

3. The design effect has distinct layers, low cost and varied effect

4. Create a healthy and natural living environment;

5. It is not restricted by soil quality, moisture, light and other conditions

6. Vacuuming and noise reduction to meet the physical and mental needs of modern life