What Are The Advantages Of Our New Simulation Tree Technology

- Jun 13, 2019-

I wonder if you still have any impression of our boss.He is engaged in art background, so we have the current platform - Home of Arts Convergence, An artist's pursuit of beauty is often more demanding than we ordinary people, So for more than 20 years in the simulation industry, our Mr. Liang has been looking for a better way to convey beauty to make simulation trees .After constant exploration and trial, our new process is officially launched.


What are the characteristics of the new process simulation tree?Here is a brief introduction

1. The new process simulation tree is made of fiberglass from trunk to branch, which is different from the traditional wood branch


2.The leaves or flowers are made according to the size of the tree according to the normalization, the branches are made of plastic and spring steel


3. The traditional process interface must be installed according to the corresponding number, the new process of HAC technology, whether it is large branch or small branch, the interface size is the same, so it is very easy to install, do not deliberately on the numberit greatly reduces time and energy


4. The branches of the new process can be disassembled at will, so the packaging volume is greatly reduced, thus reducing the freight for customers


5The new technology is not like the traditional wood branch to perforate nails, greatly improved the transportation process easily deformation defects

6.All of the above are for the overall beauty and customer experience. Although we are in the simulation industry, high degree of imitation, good quality and consideration for customers are the goals we have been pursuing