What Are The Materials And Features Of Artificial Cherry Trees

- Dec 31, 2019-

Author:Guangdong Home Of Arts Convergence Co.,LTD

Sakura is a symbol of love and hope,People also like cherry blossoms more and more.It is well known that cherry blossoms bloom in April and only bloom once a year.Although the cherry blossoms are beautiful,but the blooming period is very short, only 10 days in total.If you miss the opportunity to watch, you have to wait for the next year.The artificial cherry tree can just complement the shortcomings of real cherry blossoms.Fake cherry tree shape is based on the 1: 1 imitation of the real cherry tree, which can keep it colorful all year round, never wither, and never have to worry about the short flowering period. So how is the artificial cherry tree made?

  There are two types of faux cherry tree materials in the simulation tree, one is FRP, and the other is real wood. Fiberglass material simulation cherry tree technology master reference real cherry tree modeling, 1:1 copy from the real tree.The inner structure is made of galvanized steel pipe, the surface is made of glass fiber and ashram resin, and the tree texture is made of real tree pressure film.The real wood tree is made of natural tree pole.After anticorrosive treatment, and then in the surface made of ashram resin winding.As for the artificial flowers and leaves, they are pressed by the real sakura 1:1 mold machine. The internal structure is steel wire, the surface is PVC material, and the leaves and flowers are made of silk cloth.

artificial cherry blossom tree for weddings

4m Tall Light Pink Cherry Blossom Tree

  Regarding the above two materials, the fiberglass material is slightly more expensive than the natural wood.The wood material is mostly used indoors. After being processed by the master, the tree rod has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and anti-moth.Fiberglass silk cherry blossom trees are mostly used for outdoor landscaping, which can last for 5-10 years that can against sunlight,wind and other climate.