What are the materials of artificial trees?

- Oct 29, 2019-

  Simulation trees are widely used in offices and hotels. Do you know what kind of materials they have?Artificial tree material has many kinds, it includes: artificial stainless steel tree, artificial cement tree, artificial fiberglass tree, artificial plastic tree.

  1.  Artificial tree of stainless steel: the main rod of this kind of tree is steel pipe or steel bar. This kind of material has the characteristics of high hardness, anti-aging and waterproof.

2. Cement artificial tree: cement simulation tree has the characteristics of realistic texture, high fidelity, not easy to corrupt, not easy to burn, not easy to deform, close to the texture and affinity of solid wood, strong and durable, and many other advantages.But it's also expensive.

3. Artificial fiberglass tree: the simulation tree made of fiberglass has the advantages of high reducibility, strong plasticity and good stability;This material is also the first choice for outdoor fake trees.

4. Plastic simulation tree: The texture of the plastic tree is also clear, but this type of tree is not plastic enough to be customized.

The above is about the detailed introduction of artificial tree material, simulation tree as the market is now deeply loved by everyone landscape decoration, its appearance, to the original monotonous city added green decoration, has become a beautiful scenery line in the city.