What Are The USES Of Artificial Green Wall?

- Aug 19, 2019-

Whether you are familiar with the simulated grass wall or not, I believe that after reading this article, you will fall in love with this kind of simulated green wall full of vitality.Artificial plant wall is seen everywhere, from street to high-end restaurant and bar.

Under what circumstances need artificial vertical grass wall to decorate?

1. When you have a wall or column that is very old and the cost of labor and time for renovation is very high, choosing to cover it with fake grass wall is the best choice, because it is not only affordable, but also easy to install.

2. Store entrance, when the street is the same decoration, simulation straw wall will give your store a new look, attract the arrival of customers.

3. Wall or fence, such as hotel, garden and other place where green plants are needed, can be used as a cheap and beautiful decoration effect.

4. Roof or terrace,the roof or terrace of some houses are not designed with users in mind, so the ultraviolet radiation is extremely strong. Living or working in such an environment for a long may easily cause physical discomfort.But the cost of retrofitting is high.Simulated grass wall can play a role of uv protection to make people have a comfortable environment.

5. Restaurant interior decoration, the restaurant is a place for people to relax after work,the cold walls look very monotonous, Instead of relaxing, people lose their appetite. Ultimately, it will cause a loss of customers.However, the simulated grass wall can give people a feeling of being close to nature. People can feel warm and relaxed when having dinner here, and repeat customers will be more and more.